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Welcome to the Slow American English Podcast Home Page!

Thank you for your visit!

(I am taking a break from making new podcast episodes for the time being, but you can still use all the existing episodes.)

NOTE: The podcast transcripts are no longer available on this website, BUT they ARE available in the podcast workbooks, along with exercises and answer keys. Click below to buy the workbooks on Amazon in Kindle or paperback versions:

Workbooks are great for teachers or students that want to do self-study. Each episode has a complete lesson plan. Use the plans for listening and reading comprehension and speaking and writing practice. Each workbook contains the following:

  • Transcripts with line numbers
  • Vocabulary quiz for each episode
  • Multiple choice quiz for each episode
  • Discussion questions for each episode
  • Answer keys for every quiz

There is no longer a Patreon contribution program to support the website. If you would like to donate money, please use the link in the right side menu.

You can find the audio podcast episode recordings on any podcast app, or you can use the following RSS feed:

Contact me (Karren Doll Tolliver) here: info @